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Marand is happy to be providing its innovative product to different healthcare providers, hospitals, and partners. See what they say about how they experienced working with us and our solutions.

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  • EHealth infrastructure City of Moscow

    IBS uses Think!EHR Platform™ to build a solution for Moscow City Department of Information Technologies' centralised Electonic Health Record project. The project will centralise electronic health records of Moscow's 12 million inhabitants providing applications to 130,000 users in 780 facilities including all primary health centres and city hospitals thus becoming one of the largest projects in the world.

  • Cancer registry Slovenia, Clinical registries

    Cancer registry Slovenia, Clinical registries

    Think!EHR Platform™ provides a health data platform for Slovenia's National Breast Cancer Screening program.

  • National eHealth integration backbone, Slovenia

    National eHealth integration backbone, Slovenia

    Think!EHR Platform™ as part of the interoperability backbone providing a health data repository to eHealth applications such as eReferral, ePrescription, eVaccinaton and national clinical registries in the future.

  • Think!Med Clinical™

    Think!Med Clinical™

    Think!EHR Platform™ as health data platform for Think!Med Clinical™ at the 220 bed Ljubljana Children's Hospital (rolling-out to other clinics: Infections Clinic, Cardio Surgery). Think!Med Clinical™ includes a longitudinal electronic record of patient health information generated by encounters in any care delivery selng. The solution uses Think!EHR Platform™ to store, retrieve and query all health data. Think!EHR Platform™ serves as a flexible health data platform, ready for data exchange, clinical decision support and research.

  • Cambio Healthcare Systems

    Cambio Healthcare Systems

    Cambio Healthcare Systems, with a 72% market share is the largest EHR vendor in Sweden. They are using Think!EHR platform™ to build clinical decision support apps that are portable across their customer base. Installing our platform next to their existing backend enables them to migrate their customers to open and shared data models, speeding
    Clinical decision support system

  • OPENeP


    “During difficult situations in the PICU, professionals need immediate access to relevant patient data. By incorporating OPENeP into our workflow, and integrating medical device data directly into our electronic charts, we are improving patient safety. Gathering much more structured clinical data in a single EHR repository provides a platform for clinical decision support.”

    Gorazd Kalan, MD
    Director of PICU, Pediatric surgical department, University medical centre Ljubljana

  • OPENeP


    “As a clinician with a background in system development and implementation I am impressed with the speed of response to user requests. I also am particularly impressed by the user interface, which is clear, intuitive and makes the system easy to use.”

    Keith Farrar
    Clinical lead, OPENeP project

  • OPENeP


    “The open source EPMA system is an intuitive, user friendly system in which we have seen rapid development over the last 6 months. The layout of the screens are pleasing to the eye and the pathways for prescribing and administration are very straightforward.”

    Heather Walker
    Chief Pharmacist, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

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