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Innovation, Experience, Agile, Marand

26 years of experience combined with innovation and agility are guarantee a good product and excellent cooperation

Why Marand

Marand is a company that constantly challenges existing state of IT solutions in healthcare, invests time and energy into acquiring new knowledge and experience, promotes innovation and teamwork with a single goal - to develop innovative and easy to use healthcare IT products that help care teams save patients' lives.

This means that Marand's team has to constantly learn, spend time with clinicians, evolve and identify key areas in healthcare where IT can improve and make care process leaner and safer.

To help us achieve our vision we have a research team - called Marand Lab and their sole mission is to track healthcare trends, challenges and at the same time innovate, test out new technologies, devices and designs.


Better Data, Better Care

Help care teams make more informed decisions, improve patient care and save patients’ lives.

Our benefits



We know that without innovation there is no Marand.


Success stories in health industries, telcos. Active in many international markets.
longterm development

Longterm development

Our products are often disrupting yet built to last.
quality code

Quality code

Only the highest standards are acceptable in our office.


Present for more than 26 years with constant growth.


Cutting edge thinking combined with high rate of adaptation to all changes.

Do you share the same vision?

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