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Marand takes part in CBIS 2018 – Brazilian Congress of Health Informatics

Marand takes part in CBIS 2018 – Brazilian Congress of Health Informatics

CBIS 2018 is the biggest health informatics event in Latin America, which was created in 1986 to discuss the transformative potential of Health Informatics for professionals, providers, payers and, above all, the patient. Tomorrow, our Health Informatics Engineer Samuel Frade will present an article entitled Governance of openEHR based local repository compliant with openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager.

The study presented in this article aimed to implement a suitable way of having the different openEHR local repositories updated and compliant with the openEHR CKM (Clinical Knowledge Manager). Over the years, the openEHR CKM had new updated versions for the different archetypes, having the very well-structured management of the archetype’s lifecycles, with the latest version being approved after a community consensus. This implies that knowledge in the openEHR CKM always stays updated, but that does not necessarily happen on the local repositories. Usually, a local archetype will be updated only when a bug, error or new requirement is found during the usage of the software that contains that archetype, and a check for a new version is made manually on the openEHR CKM, but manually checking versions on openEHR CKM can be time-consuming and is usually avoided.

Based on this, documentation was created about how to deal with the versioning of archetypes on new and ongoing projects, together with a script that runs on local repositories connected to ADLDesigner (Marand d.o.o.) to search new archetype versions from the international openEHR CKM.

It is expected to contribute added value to the governance of openEHR resources by keeping them updated in a way that can facilitate and save time for the local repository management team when searching new versions of openEHR CKM. It is already being used to update openEHR artefacts in some of Marand’s projects.

The Author of the article, which was part of her Master thesis, is our Functional analyst Vanessa Pereira, co-authors are Samuel Frade (Marand), Leandro Gomes (Marand), Tina Vavpotič (Marand) and Ricardo Cruz-Correia (FMUP). The presentation will be held on 3 October at 10.50h (Brazilian time) in room 9.


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