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Marand exhibits at EHI Live - UK's Largest Digital Health Show

Marand exhibits at EHI Live - UK's Largest Digital Health Show

Healthcare professionals and healthcare CIOs across the UK are looking for products and solutions that will help them set up paperless healthcare processes by 2020. Marand will present “Integrate. Open. Innovate” vision for healthcare IT and how to leverage Marand’s products to improve interoperability and set up Postmodern EHR solutions that are crucial for faster development and roll out of new and innovative healthcare apps and solutions.

One of the most challenging aspects of healthcare is medication management. To address these challenges Marand developed comprehensive and innovative medication management product - OPENeP. It's extensive feature list, built-in decision support and powerful integration options are designed to empower doctors, nurses and pharmacists to improve patient safety and deliver better and more personalised care.

Come and join the talk at EHI Live in Birmingham on 2nd November at 13:30 where Mr. Droljc will present what it took to successfully implement OPENeP at the Children’s hospital in 3 months.

OPENeP was developed in close collaboration with University children hospital Slovenia and localised for UK in collaboration with the NHS England Open Source community and several other NHS trusts. It is designed to completely replace time-consuming manual paper based prescribing and medication administration. OPENeP significantly improves communication between physicians, nurses and pharmacists. It enables creative use of data, helps work prioritisation, provides reports to reflect-on and optimise established workflows. Furthermore, OPENeP can easily integrate with the existing EHR/PAS systems since it runs natively on the Think!EHR Platform which has certified IHE profiles, powerful integration layer and includes vendor-neutral structured clinical data repository.


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