Improved productivity for the benefit of the patient

Think!Ward is a mobile application for care teams, which complements clinical information systems by extending the core functionalities to mobile devices. The product helps medical teams save time and keeps them informed about a patient’s current condition.

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Secure and Simplified Access

Think!Ward is designed with high security standards. Access to the mobile application has been simplified with the setup of a PIN code and Touch or Face ID capabilities.

At-Fingertips Patient Clinical Information

Organise patient lists according to the personal preferences with placing them in different categories, review patient records, and view demographics.

Wound Gallery

Since the application runs on mobile devices it is extremely easy to seamlessly attach patient centred photos and videos of health issues to track healing processes.

Clinical Noting

Clinical notes, patient status, and observations can be added and edited, all of which becomes part of a patient’s electronic health record.

Care Activity Stream

Follow patient tasks and care activity stream, which display basic information such as ordered or received laboratory tests, radiology examinations, and newly created clinical documentation.

Custom Clinical Forms

The development tools provided with the core technology Think!EHR PlatformTM enable easy configuration and integration of clinical forms into the mobile application.

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Exploit the benefits of mobile working

With its intuitive user interface, you can quickly access relevant clinical data about your patient from a mobile device, whether you are at the bed side, consulting with your team members, or on the way to your next appointment. Think!Ward saves you time and keeps you informed for the benefit of the patient.

“Studies have shown that the use of mobile technology in hospitals could be especially effective during ward rounds, since it provides doctors with location-independent access to information.” [1,2]

Co-developed with clinicians

Think!Ward is a native iOS application that runs on an iPad or iPhone. The application is currently in beta version and is being co-developed and tested by medical teams at University Children’s Hospital Ljubljana, and Institute of Oncology Ljubljana in Slovenia.

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[1] Kim, J., Lee, Y., Lim, S., Kim, J. H., Lee, B., & Lee, J. H. (2017). What Clinical Information Is Valuable to Doctors Using Mobile Electronic Medical Records and When? Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19(10).

[2] Fleischmann, R., Duhm, J., Hupperts, H., & Brandt, S. A. (2015). Tablet computers with mobile electronic medical records enhance clinical routine and promote bedside time: a controlled prospective crossover study. Journal of Neurology, 262(3); 532-540.

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