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is necessary

Excellence is necessary, when mistakes become unaffordably expensive. One such instance is providing your customers with an experience that is consistently as good as your best moment, because you tend to be perceived as bad as your worst moment.

Our mission, which leads our own experience efforts, is to make our clients feel like they and their problems are truly understood.

no longer satisfies

Customers are satisfied when their experience matches expectations. In today's ultra-competitive economy companies compete for satisfaction by providing more features and lowering prices, which in turn increases customer expectations year after year. Inevitably this leads to dissatisfaction, low margins & failure.

What can we do?

new formula

Operational Data (O-data) — hard numbers like costs, accounting, and sales — have so far informed business decisions. They tell us what happened. However, to understand why things happen, we need to understand the thoughts and emotions of the people involved. We call that information Experience Data (X-data).

By combining O-data and X-data our products ensure that every business decision is based on both facts and the intangibles. Our products enable that.

Employee commitment | Customer satisfaction | Brand perception | User experience | Product satisfaction

Sales | Costs | Production capacity | Goods in storage | Employee availability




Profit margins are under pressure & churn is a near guarentee due to external forces such as high competition, market liberalization & the challenges of 5G. Telecommunications service providers must answer these challenges with efficient business processes & a better customer experience. This is where Marand comes in.

  • We have over two decades of experience with digital business transformation & the creation of enteprise business support systems (BSS) for telecommunication providers;
  • We use artificial intelligence & machine learning methods to improve business eficiency & customer experience;
  • We offer a complete billing solution for telecommunication service providers. The system covers the complete end-to-end billing value stream: from billable events captured at the telecom network, through charging (rating), billing, invoicing, to integration with an account receivables and data warehouse;

Finance & Insurance

As consumers begin to expect more than satisfactory services, customer experience has become a key battleground, within which customer choice is determined. Marand offers solutions that become the foundational building blocks of a new digital experience & business model, thus enabling necessary digital transformation, which rises above the current banking & insurance business models, which until recently were merely comprised of transactions & policy sales.

Marand's decades long experience in digital business transformation has enabled us to create & offer solutions, tailor made for finance & insurance companies, which become the foundation upon which, new digital business models are built, and through which customer experience is improved in the following areas:

  • Business partner data management;
  • Customer experience (CX) research & management;
  • Providing key business support systems;
  • Custom application development;
  • Backend system upgrades & maintenance;
  • A product & sales data management platform for the entire business system & partner ecosystem.


In retail, consumer confidence is key. To establish it, we must optimize existing processes, through a deeper understanding of customer needs & targeted offers.

Today's consumers expect to have their needs understood & met. Digital solutions, which enable greater personalization of shopping experiences, will play a key role in future retail. We must continue to build strong relationships & increase loyalty through enabling feedback, communication & brand experience touchpoints.

Marand has been a long-term digital transformation partner of future-focused retail companies for over 30 years. We’re able to help with the development and improvement of both new and existing business models through the use of digital solutions, thus increasing your competitive advantage now & in the future.

Logistics & Transportation

Global trends are affecting transport and logistics providers, offering new opportunities for growth. Trendsetters will rise above their competition on the basis of factors such as guidance, fulfillment of service-level contracts, environmental friendliness and additional factors that determine the needs for moving and storing cargo. Logistics & transport companies must remain aware of these trends and adjust their businesses accordingly.

Numerous manual logistics & transport processes have been the norm thus far. This posed a high risk for incorrect data entry and consequentially decisions based on bad data.

Marand's machine learning, AI & process automation experience will help eliminate redundant manual processes & achieve better results for your logistics services.

Energy & Utilities

The uninterrupted supply of electricity, gas, sanitary hot water & heat from a city heating plant, clean drinking water & municipal waste disposal, play important roles in everyday life.

Marand offers IT solutions for service providers & distributed network service providers (DNSP). Our solutions enable efficient:

  • Business partner data management;
  • Connection of consumption points through a spatial unit management & technical collections module;
  • Remote metering & IoT platform support;
  • Periodic, one-time or consumption based billing, fully controlled by the product catalog;
  • AI Consumption prediction & early churn detection;

It's not your story, it's theirs.


An excellent customer experience (CX) is about learning to read the signals our customers send. The explicit ones they just tell, or the implicit ones, which we need to watch for, and then turning those signals into actions, services and products that deliver upon these.

One great experience, not many mediocre ones.

Unified product catalog

A unified product catalog enables efficient sharing, communication and management of product, service & price data through a unified system. Data consistency & an intuitive interface allow for quick and agile development of new offerings, better oversight & easy collaboration between teams.

This shortens time to market, allows the best ideas to surface and is vital in the creation of a consistently great customer experience.

Great relationships start with great communication.

Customer relationship

Mutual understanding and empathy are the foundation upon which brand-customer relationships are built.

Such relationships lead to loyal, engaged customers and followers, which not only buy more products but can become ambassadors to their friends and family. This is only achievable through great communication. Marand’s CRM is a solution built from the ground up to be the best CRM for telecommunication service providers.

Timely and accurate billing is fundamental.

Multiservice enterprise

Timely, accurate & secure billing is expected. Data complexity, customer-specific offers as well as sheer volume make this a daunting task for today’s CSP’s. Marand’s Multiservice enterprise billing platform (MEB) is tailored to address these industry-specific problems perfectly. It provides a robust foundation upon which our clients can build.

It's those unexpected moments, which truly delight.

Artificial intelligence

Today's world moves at the speed of light, with moments of opportunity quickly passing by. Predicting when these moments will happen and how to address them allows key actions to be taken. Marand enables this through a multi-stage approach, built upon the foundations of AI & machine learning.

Churn prediction – First an analysis of existing customers & a prediction of churn probability is done with our churn prediction model.

Recommendation system – Next, an analysis of behavior & purchasing patterns allows for the construction of tailored offerings, which best address customers needs.

Custom software solutions

Sometimes your needs are specific. Our custom solutions teams are ready to help you take on those challenges.

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