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The Think!EHR Platform™ partner program provides extensive resources, training and support to differentiate your business and increase profitability.

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Marand partnership program

Our partnership programs are established with the idea to help different SW development enterprises, as well as project and service delivery organizations, to build high quality solutions and efficiently rollout the projects.

With Partnership programs you not only get access to the latest technologies, but also the possibility to interact with our experts in the process of your capacity building and portfolio generation. The end result is faster, more efficient and a sustainable offering on the partner’s end, supported by Marand.

Standard partnership program

The Standard Partnership program has been designed to accelerate the development of clinical applications. It is primarily targeted towards SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) who have basic knowledge of openEHR methodology, or are aiming to build less complex applications, such as patient facing mobile health apps.

Premium partnership programs

The Premium Partnership program has been designed to accelerate the development of more complex clinical applications. It is primarily targeted towards medium and large scale enterprises, who are aiming to build more comprehensive solutions, such as Electronic Medical Records for acute care, or Care Coordination applications for longitudinal care services. To apply for the Premium program, previous knowledge of openEHR is not required, and any gaps in that sense can be efficiently addressed through the program.

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What people are saying about us

  • “Marand, the supplier of Think!EHR Platform™, provided cutting edge technologies, allowing us to separate clinical data from process and application logic. This has been the main reason for choosing this platform for our project”
    Vladimir Makarov
    Vladimir Makarov
    Vladimir Makarov Deputy Head of Moscow City Department of Information Technology

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