What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored by your web browser when you use websites. The cookie itself does not contain or store any information. However, when used in conjunction with information provided by a server & browser, information, which helps the website create a friendlier user experience is made accessible. Only the server, which has created the cookie, can read the data contained within. Some cookies are deemed essential for core website functionality, others are simply there to provide a better experience through analytics & marketing around the web. These analytics & marketing cookies are only used after your explicit consent to them & can be toggled on or off at any time on this page. Cookies can be stored for only one session or much longer & are created either by the website owner (1st party cookies) or by other services used by the website (3rd party cookies).

You can learn more about cookies & related Slovenian laws in the guidelines set out by Slovenia's information authority. To view these guidelines please use this link.

What cookies does use?

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are used to provide core website functionality, without them some or all parts of this website would not work as expected. For example the cookie_consent cookie only saves wether you have allowed or denyed our use of cookies.

Name Host Duration Use Provider
cookie_consent 1 year Stores cookie consent data Marand
_gid Čas poteka Sledi uporabnikovim interakcijam s stranjo. 24 ur

Analytics & third party cookies.

These cookies enable additional functionality such as social media integration, analytics functionality & continued communication after the session ends through other media such as, e-mail, social media & more. We require your explicit consent before enabling these cookies, which you provide through the cookie pop-up or by enabling analytics cookies on this page. You may revoke your consent at any time, which will disable any cookies on your device.

Name Host Duration Use Provider
_ga 2 years Tracks a unique, anonymized, user id. Google
_gid 24 hours Tracks website interactions. Google
_gat 10 minutes Tracks the number of sessions. Google
cookie_consent 1 year Upravlja nastavitve piškotkov Marand

Cookie settings

Our website allows you to select what type of cookie may store on your device. Your choice will be remembered through the ["cookie_consent"] essential cookie, which is necessary for the correct functionality of this website. You can change your consent settings at any time.

Before you revoke or enable your consent for any cookie type we ask that you review the information, provided above, about the use of each cookie we use. Revocation of consent may impact this websites ability to display content and or load functionality, resulting in a compromised user experience. If you require the restoration of this content and/or features, you will have to re-enable cookies with the toggle bellow.

Do you consent to storing cookies on your device for the uses outlined above?

Analytics & marketing cookies

Please use this link to view more information about our efforts to protect your privacy & the data you share with us.