Multiservice enterprise billing

Monetize business ideas.

Collect and process usage data, with accurate and secure billing for your business - all in one place.



As a CTO, I need a single system, which can charge for all types of services, regardless of business field, because i want to reduce costs, the number of errors, and easily support new business requirements.

Head of

As head of financial controlling, I want appropriately systematized & classified accounting data, in order to satisfy regulatory requirements & save time & money.


As a business analyst, I want the ability to independently & easily manage accounting rules & apply them to production environments without disrupting system operations, freeing our company from expensive software development.


As a product manager, I want timely & accurate data on service use, allowing us to easily adapt offers to consumer needs.

Head of

As the head of customer support, I want a simple system, which allows me to see invoice details & correct any problems that may arise, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

enterprise billing

Today’s customers expect timely, accurate and secure billing. The scope and complexity of corporate offerings, which are often custom tailored to individual customers, can make billing the Achilles' heel of a modern company. Marand’s Multiservice enterprise billing platform (MEB) offers a solution to these challenges. This lays a stable foundation upon which our clients can successfully grow.

The billing platform was originally created for telecommunication companies, but is flexible enough to be used for other industries, such as: trade, finance, insurance, logistics and energy supply and utilities.

The multi-service billing platform is architected modularly using these building blocks:

  • The rating & charging module enables real-time consumption evaluation (online charging system) & delayed evaluation (near-real time rating). In conjunction with the session control system, it supports both prepaid and postpaid billing.
  • The billing module generates one-time & periodic amounts, and applies relevant discounts & benefits, based on the configuration of the subscription account.
  • The invoicing module aggregates evaluated events (consumption of services) and other costs & benefits into invoice items, invoicing & integrates with financial, accounting & print house systems.

Key benefits

Support different services with one platform

The MEB platform supports various service activities (telecommunications, electricity, gas, utilities & more).

Quickly adapt to new business requirements

Business logic is not hard coded, but is written with rules, making changes easy, with no operational downtime.

Build partner ecosystems

Easily design convergent packages, which combine your services with services provided by partner companies.

5G & IoT ready

MEB can charge for any & all products and services that can be modeled in the product catalog. Services are not limited by technology and include both classic and advanced digital services.


A cluster based architecture ensures continuous operation even in the event of an individual node failing.


MEB can be simply & automatically upgraded through it's rules, thus ensuring successful operations, even during periods of rapid growth.

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