Price & Quote

Complex offerings, simple quotes.

Empower sales to instantly generate simple quotes, out of complex industry-specific offerings.


Head of

As the head of sales, I want my teams to quickly & easily generate high margin & tailored quotes, across all our channels.


As a sales representative, I want to efficiently prepare quotes, which meet customer expectation.


As an IT manager, I want to cost-efficiently maintain & distribute quoting business logic across our organization.

Configure price & quote

Marand's CPQ is omnichannel industry specific system, which enables sales teams to generate accurate and efficient quotes for complex and highly configurable services.

Marand's CPQ system centralizes all quoting business logic in one system which results in zero discrepancies & easy distribution.

Configuration errors are eliminated by using a product catalog, which provides CPQ with quote-generation definitions for services, products, offerings, and prices. Enabling fast & consistent sales operations.

Thanks to its generic design and reliance on open standards, CPQ easily accommodates various products and services: from traditional telecommunications to modern cloud-based ICT services & industry-specific vertical solutions delivered by either CSP's or ecosystem partners.

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Key benefits

Improve employee productivity

CPQ empowers personnel move faster with automated & validated configuration, pricing & rules.

Accurate quotes, protected margins

Because a centralized system provides all product & pricing related information with built-in discounting, eligibility, compatibility, and availability rules, your sales teams can move fast & stay competitive, while your margins stay protected.

Omnichannel support

CPQ ensures internal teams & self-service customers are on the same page by exposing & distributing business logic for consistent quote-generation regardless of channel.

Minimize integration costs

By using open standards, such as TM Forum's Information Framework (SID) model and exposed standard APIs, system integration becomes a matter of content/semantics instead of technical syntax.

Improved customer experience

Fast quote generation with no errors and tailored to customer needs leads to better relationships, higher satisfaction & revenue growth.

Microservices Architecture

Marand's CPQ system is implemented in a modern, cloud-native microservices architecture. Deployment-wise, various models are supported: on-premises, hybrid cloud, or public cloud.

Cloud deployment options enable business required elasticity (scale-up, scale-down). A microservice architecture enables reliability, availability, responsiveness, and resilience, required for modern, enterprise-grade applications.

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