Unified product catalog

Integrate all product & service data in one place, for any & all systems.

Managing all product & offering data in one place for the entire business system & partner ecosystem is becoming critical for success in the digital age.


Product manager

As a product manager, I want to shorten the time to market for complex products & services. Enabling our company to respond to market needs in a timely manner.

IT manager

As an IT manager, I want to reduce errors due to inconsistent data, freeing my co-workers to innovate.

Product manager

As a product manager, I want to increase the transparency of our product portfolio. Allowing for more efficient introduction of new & elimination of obsolete products.


As a CFO, I want to decrease OPEX, related to poorly integrated IT systems, so that I can increase CAPEX for research & development.

Unified product catalog

Marand's unified product catalog (UPC) is a master data management system for enterprise service, product, offering, and price data. UPC represents a single point of truth and enables companies to implement a catalog-driven approach to IT systems development. The product catalog is designed to fit our clients' needs & supports various verticals, such as: telecommunications, finance, insurance, retail, transport & logistics, energy & utilities.

Business applications comprising enterprise IT systems all require access to product data. Examples of such applications are order management, contract management, CRM, billing, self-care portals, end-user applications, and omnichannel e-commerce. However, product data is often fragmented and siloed in various departmental subsystems.

Manual data management is costly, time consuming, inefficient, and error-prone, which leads to poor customer & employee experience."

The product catalog stores & allows access to all product & service data from a single database, for the entire IT system. The catalog is fully adjustable to the content & integration requirements of any company. All adjustments are user configurable, which decreases time-to-market and significantly reduces risk as no code adaptation is required to support new products & services.

UPC is a TM Forum Open API conformant product.

Product catalog model

The main building blocks, comprising the product model, are resource, service, product, product offering, and price. These building blocks are parameterized to define their semantic. They can be interconnected using relationships to form composite structures, e.g. add-on services and service bundles. For simpler and faster access, elements can be categorized. Categories are user-configurable as well.

A simple broadband package with internet & TV

Adding mobile subscriptions to the simple package, forming a convergent package.

Adding energy & digital services, offered by partner companies to the convergent package, forming a digital package which includes our partner ecosystem.

in action

Drive prices with characteristics

Learn how to associate prices with product characteristics.

LVS product & offering

Learn how to create a new Linux Virtual Server product and offering.

Smartphone product offering

Learn how to create a smartphone offering & associate it with a broadband bundle offering.

Product offerings

Learn how to create a new IPTV offering & define product characteristics.

Bundle offerings

Learn how to create a new triple-play bundle offering & associate it with your internet, VoIP & IPTV offerings.


Learn how to create a new service & associate a new product specification with it

Product specifications

Learn how to create a new product specification, define characteristics, & associate it with underlying technical services

Excel imports

Learn how to import massive Excel datasets, by generating template files with predefined columns and data validations.

Learn more

Learn more about our Unified Product Catalog, it's specification & use cases.

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