Customer relationship management

Manage subscriber data and activities, gain comprehensive insights, and make data available to the entire company at every moment.

Managing customer orders, contacts and activities in one place enables companies to develop outstanding relationship with customers and successfully adapt to market trends in digital era.


Head of
customer care

As the head of customer care, I want a single place to manage customer data, and use it to provide comprehensive insights.

Chief marketing

As a CMO, I want access to timely & accurate data on market dynamics, which allows us to quickly respond to market demands.

Chief technology

As a CTO, I want to ensure data quality, provide comprehensive business support, and decrease the likelihood of system failures.


As a product manager, I want to provide comprehensive ordering support of our new products and services, without changing the existing ordering system.

Customer relationship management system

We developed our modular CRM solution, which offers comprehensive insight into, and administration of customers and purchased services. It is designed to be a central administrative application, which enables close integration with the product catalog and billing.

The key building blocks of Marand's CRM are:

  • Partners, which represents the core component of our CRM system, and enables basic CRM functionality.
  • Contacts, which support two-way communication with customers through any & all channels.
  • Product inventory, which provides comprehensive insight into currently purchased products including the entire history. It is closely related to the billing system.
  • Ordering system, with which we can tailor products and offers to individual customers with rules provided by the product catalog.

CRM modules


Partners is a basic CRM component and the framework of the entire solution, into which our clients can include additional modules to fit their requirements. The partner module enables basic CRM functionality, such as the review and editing of the following data points:

  • name
  • title
  • relationships
  • customer accounts
  • payment methods
  • customer identifiers (registration number, tax ID, external system codes)


Contacts is an optional CRM module, enabling customer correspondence across all channels & data review. The module is used by CRM users as well as external applications connected to the CRM in order to notify customers.

Contacts is one of the most important sources of customer satisfaction information, making them a especially relevant to analytics applications that can be integrated through APIs or publish-subscribe mechanisms.

Product inventory

The Product inventory module plays a major role in systems used by service providers. It stores historical product commercial and technical data, including custom parameters and prices, while enabling editing of currently active products and services.

The Module is closely related to the billing system, which it supplies with and uses for pre-calculations of subscriptions, interruption costs and similar scenarios.

Ordering system

The ordering system is vital in the digital age, especially for telecommunications service providers.

The key advantage of Marand's ordering system is it's ability to rapidly adapt to changes in the current offering, support omnichannel orders, and integrate with service activation and management systems.

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